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We provide preventive maintenance and property care for real estate properties.
Industrial Property

Industrial Property

When you manage or own an industrial building you know the importance and hassles of maintaining a top-quality building so that production and business is never or only marginally interrupted. If you don’t own or manage a large or multi-unite company it probably doesn’t make sense to employ a full-time facility manager who would take care of everything. So all the work, hassle, dealing with different services and sudden emergency issues will rest on your shoulders, or on the shoulders of an employee who in addition has to fulfill his regular job requirements. That’s where we come in.

Outsource your troubles to us and we take care of it. Not only will we be here when things go wrong, we also take preventive steps to make sure emergencies will be avoided. With our monthly routine check-up we can detect issues before they even become big problems. Our preventive maintenance (also called PM or preventative maintenance) reduces costs, allows production to meet its schedules, increases capacity, and the value of an industrial building.

We also do minor touchups and repairs during our check-ups. When bigger issues have to be repaired or restored we handle the complete project for you. We will find the right service for the job, will get quotes compare prices, schedule, supervise and control the repairs or entire renovation / restoration projects. As a single source of expertise, our team will perform or find and supervise the services you need, exceeding your expectations and freeing you to be able to focus on your business only.

We are unique among maintenance service companies in that, we act as if your property was our business, take care of emergencies, preventive maintenance, entire projects and go “beyond the numbers” to ensure that our service will work for you, your specific needs and keep your business or production running at its best and without interruption every day.

When you outsource your facility maintenance services to us, you gain the freedom that comes from eliminating your or an employees time of permanent supervision and streamlining your vendor relationships. We have the expertise, capability, and resources to consistently manage all the facets of your building maintenance.

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